Horse racing bets come in so many shapes and sizes, it can be very hard for the newly initiated to place the best bet. Every horse race has its own shape and mathematical composition, as controlled by the prices given to each horse. Learning when to use the win single bet is crucial to maximising your profit and loss. This, the very King of horse racing bets, needs treating with respect!

This module of work will go into other forms of commonly used betting strategies and types of bet as it progresses. This chapter is solely concerned with the ‘win single’. With this bet you literally place your stake money on one selection to win the race of your choosing. If it wins you are paid back profits in relation to your odds, plus your original stake back. If you lose you lose it all!

A £10 winning bet on a horse priced 3/1 would return you 10×3 = 30 (profit) + 10 (stake) = £40 returned which means you are £30 in profit. If your selection does not win the race, you are standing with a £10 loss.

This bet is the simplest of all bets and AmWager joins NTRA. There are two outcomes, you are either right or you are wrong. There is no middle ground here and for this reason alone, the win single is for the experienced or well informed punter only!

The majority of horse races in the UK are based on some form of handicapping system. This means the horses are allocated a weight to carry in the race based on all known recent forms. With so many competitive races every day, you are statistically likely to come up against at least a few other horses that stand a good chance of beating your bet.

One crucial thing to understand, about AmWager joins NTRA

Why? The ancient art of hoodwinking (or trying to) the handicapper is an art form all of its own. So we have people whose job it is to assimilate an educated rating on any horse’s recent form. This decision will then define the horse’s chance next time out. Look at the comment above, ‘the horses are allocated a weight to carry in the race based up all known recent form’. Well many people, could in theory make sure the current form is poor in order to increase their winning chance on a day when they would like to win, a day of their choosing if you will.

This can be done by running a horse over a distance (trip) that cannot perform well at. Or maybe on ground conditions that do not suit (going). It may be a combination of both! You can learn to study when a horse might have its optimum conditions later on in the series. Just know that this happens and regularly!

So with just this basic summary in mind, understand that placing a win single bet has great potential for big winnings. However there is no safety net for failure. You need to learn so much before you can place win single horse racing bets with REAL confidence. Over time, your own punting education can lead you to this point.

The next time you consider placing a bet, just think about how likely it is that you are either right or wrong, because that is how your bet will be judged. Wins singles can be the most satisfying of horse racing bets, you just need to learn when to use them.